Hi, I’m Peter-John… (since 1976)

Never before has the impact of technology been more pervasive in the human psyche than it is in today’s modern world — virtually every human on earth has had their life impacted in some profound way by this relentless march of progress.

For most of us it is becoming ever more difficult to recall what life was like before the rise of everything that this “information superhighway” has spawned — and for some, the tremendous and ever-increasing pace of change, in the format and delivery of information, and in the technology that drives it, is threatening to become too much.

This site is about people and technology.

Programmer… (since 1998)

pro·gram·mer /ˈprōˌɡramər/


  1. a person who writes computer programs.
  2. an organism that converts caffeine into code.

I have been coding professionally for a good while, dabbling (as programmers do) in far more than what can be formally stated on my résumé / CV. I’ve played with Linux (even ran my own web application host for a while) but I prefer the Windows stack. I’ve played with several languages (from Pascal to D with a whole lot in-between) but I prefer C#. [As an aside, I’d go D in a heartbeat if the tool-set support were there.]

I write code for the desktop and for the web, I write code for mobile apps on RESTful services, I write code for distributed systems and integrations. At this point in my career it’s easier to say that I *haven’t yet* done: Embedded- (much); Systems- (as in OS); Game- (professionally); or Mainframe (who has) programming. The rest – as they say – is blood under the carpet.

Architect… (since 2009)

ar·chi·tect /ˈärkəˌtekt/


  1. a person who designs buildings (or solutions) and in many cases also supervises their construction.
  2. that guy from “The Matrix”.

I’ve been architecting software (read: designing programs) since I started my software development career in 1998. At the time I was working for a small outfit, and we didn’t have the benefit/luxury of Business Analysis resources. Most projects started out as one-line emails from the MD. That particular gig culminated in a 9 month stint in Pensacola, FL, USA in early 2000… good times!

I started engaging in the architecture of teams, processes and solutions in semi-informal manner in 2008. Later official roles included Solutions Architect since 2009 and then Portfolio Architect since 2014. I’m presently engaged in Solution Delivery Architecture, which is my big passion. Of course, my official role is that of a very un-glamorous Senior Consultant.

Solutionist… (since I can remember)

so·lu·tion·ist /ˈsəˈlo͞oSH(ə)nist/


  1. a person who experiences the process of problem analysis and solution construction as rewarding.
  2. someone who knows where to put the ‘x’. (You have to click this link, though, otherwise it won’t work)
  3. a made-up word, it seems.

While “solutionist” is not a word that you will find in the dictionary, it is most definitely a word, because I use it a lot, and it conveys what is to my mind the very real notion of my life-long oddity — of being someone who has always seemed to see solutions where my peers have seen problems or difficulties. It is so core to my being, in fact, that I find I really need to pause and think about how to convey it to someone else.

Being a solutionst means:

  • Beyond creativity, intuitive application of lateral thought processes
  • Beyond intellect, coherent cognitive application of logic and rational reason
  • Beyond learning, knowing that even if you don’t know the answer, one exists
  • Beyond pattern recognition, drawing from experience in vastly unrelated subject matter areas, and applying it effectively
  • Beyond problems or difficulties, recognizing only challenges

P.S. — if it ever does officially become a word, I’d like for all of you to remember that I used it here first.

Oh, I’m also an Aspiring Writer… (circa 1981)

I started learning to write at age 5 and I’ve never stopped loving it. Even so, I haven’t yet really followed through on this passion. Sure there was the odd poem and fictional essay, even the beginnings of a structured fantasy novel, but (insert flavored excuse of the month here) always got in the way. Nevertheless (and although I know all too well that even this blog has been “tried” before) I promise myself that this time I’ll see it through. Hopefully I will, for both my sake and yours. If you’re reading this then I feel optimistic, because if there’s even one reader then a writer’s work is paid.

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