It couldn’t be any easier…

  1. Open a Visual Studio Command Prompt
  2. Type aspnet_regsql and press [Enter]
  3. Follow the steps in the wizard

Here’s a simple guide to the aspnet_regsql command:
syntax: aspnet_regsql <connection> <provider>


  • Use -S <server-name> to install to the aspnetdb on the server specified by <server-name>
  • Use -sqlexportonly <file-name> to generate a sql script
  • Add -E to log in to SQL using windows authentication, or -U <login> -P <password> to use a specific login and password.


  • -A with one of the following: all, m, r, p, c, w
    • all: add all features
    • m: membership
    • r: roles
    • p: profiles
    • c: personalization (web parts)
    • w: web events
  • -ssadd -sstype and one of the following (for session-state persistence):
    • p: creates the ASPState database
    • c -d <database> : creates ASPState tables in the specified <database>